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Lili Marleen

By TENCLUB17th April 2020

She’s back! One of TENCLUB’s first fascinations…   It all started with a fascination by TENCLUB’s Curious Morschi Franz: ”The elegance of chivalrous Prussia,...

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Bring your own funeral record

By Jochem & Merel Janssen16th of March 2020

  “What would be your funeral record? Is it the soundtrack of your life? Is it a very emotional track? One which touches you...

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Passion, Work, Money and repeat

By the excellent Eric Kalter2nd March 2020

Eric Kalter has been fired.   For the first time in his working life, his agenda is empty. Great time to change course and...

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Get to know the new Curious

By TenClub members9th of March 2020

TenClub started with a dream…   To create a society where we can really be ourselves. Our true selves. With our flaws. With our...

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The lurks and gifts of being abandoned

By Suzanne Rethans23rd of March 2020

  In the run-up to the TenClub Café on Friday, March 27: Divorcee – Divorce, pain and the children, that is about good separation,...

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Embrace your Enhanced Identity

By Edgar Brumière30th of March 2020

  We all have a true self and a construct self.   What if you could be the best version of yourself?   Not...

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House of Canto ~ four floors of fascination

By inspired by maestro Jeroen van Veen28th of February 2020

TenClub invites maestro Jeroen van Veen for an exclusive House of Canto   Playing for us four unique instruments across the four different spaces...

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Sextalks ~ Anal Sex

By Coen Aerts on behalf of TENCLUB26th February 2020

  This sexTALKS will cover a subject that Freud once coined ‘the centre of self-awareness’ in his psychoanalytic sexual drive theory.   Yes, we...

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House of Books – The Library

By Jochem Janssen & Simon Mulder, Suzanne Rethans17th February 2020

  “I love to read, it helps me gain knowledge and gives me a moment to shut myself from the hectic outside world, to...

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Visual Thinking Strategy – The art of collective meaning making

By Stefan Hoevenaar & Adelijn van Huis3rd February 2020

  “What are the aspects of Visual Thinking Strategy to connect people with different backgrounds to each other?”   “I’m fascinated by forms of...

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