27th of January 2020

Alice in Quantumland - Explore beyond time & space

what the quarks?

Powered by Silvia Hoevenaar

This is a Tenclub | Society for the Curious members only event.



What do we human beings consists of?


What is matter? What is energy?


How can quantum mechanics explain how the mind effects it?



This night we dive into the mysterious realm of quantum physics and consciousness. It is a fascination of our Member Silvia Hoevenaar: “It totally bended my mind & reality. I got a different point of view of what I thought everything consists of. I realized that the only thing that is sure, that nothing is sure.”


We will take a quantum leap together with emeritus professor Pierre Capel. He’s a well known scientist who explored quantum physics & mechanics and is able to bend minds when you are open to other ideas about reality.


This night we will explore the nature of quantum physics & mechanics:
– What is matter?
– Entanglement
– Quantum biology
– How our consciousness effects matter


“Like all science, psychology is knowledge; and like science again, it is knowledge of a definite thing, the mind.”

– James Baldwin

19:00 ~ Dinner
20:00 ~ Part I
20:45 ~ Break
21:00 ~ Part II
22:00 ~ Afterdrinks

27th of January 2020

Nes 116-118
1012 Amsterdam


19:00 - 23:00

Doors Open:
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