28th of February 2020

Canto Ostinato ~ four floors of fascination

four floors of fascination

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TenClub invites maestro Jeroen van Veen for an exclusive House of Canto


Playing for us four unique instruments across the four different spaces in the magnificent Mayer Manor. This unique format and location is exquisitely suited to the Canto. As Jeroen expressed it “because it is such a fantastically beautiful and richly decorated building, with confined spaces where the music sounds great.”


Who is the Maestro?


Pianist Jeroen van Veen is an esteemed Canto Ostinato player known throughout the Netherlands. Whilst still in residence at the great Amsterdam Concertgebouw, he will play his beloved Canto exclusively for us.


Jeroen van Veen has managed to entice three great musicians to accompany him on this exciting journey. Jazz virtuoso Mike del Ferro will be on keyboard, Nando Russo (the first percussionist of the Dutch Philharmonic Orchestra) on percussion, as well as the international concert organist Aart Bergwerff on the small organ.


What is this Canto Ostinato?


The Canto Ostinato by composer Simeon ten Holt has now been in existence for forty years and has a loyal entourage of fans who allow themselves to be hypnotized time and time again by the notes that flow together. It is not without reason that there exists a lot of common ground with virtuosos of house music and house musicians that have been inspired by this wondrous piece.


The Canto Ostinato offers multi-interpretable layering of music, and that is precisely the reason why Jeroen van Veen choose the Mayer Manor as the culture house for his favorite piece. Normally a Canto is played on four wings, or two wings in pairs. Tonight there are four different instruments on the program, played from just as many rooms: a grand piano, keyboard, organ and percussion set. For this reason alone this performance will be unique. In Jeroen’ own words:


“The Mayer Manor has four floors where you can literally experience the different layers of music that make up the Canto. Not only the combination of these instruments, but because they are located in different rooms and on different floors, you are close to one instrument and you hear the other three layers in the background, at different pitches. You can walk to a different instrument and enter in a totally different atmosphere. But you don’t have to. You can also stay with one or find the center.”


Join us on Friday 28th of February 2020

The Mayer Manor ~ Nes, Amsterdam

Limited tickets on sale: https://eventix.shop/bqqvb745
~ Early Bird tickets: € 29.50
~ Regular tickets: € 32.50
~ Late tickets: € 37.50

"Do you know that our soul is composed of harmony."

– - Leonardo da Vinci


20:00 doors open
21:00 – 22:00 uninterrupted concert
22:00 – 23:00 aftertalk & drinks

28th of February 2020

Nes 116-118
1012 Amsterdam



Doors Open:
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