2nd of December 2019

Socratic Wars ~ The Art of Graceful Dialogue

Let us discuss, not debate

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This event is for the Curious Only those of you who have a membership with TenClub ~ the Society for the Curious.


In common society dialogue is an art of knowing better than the other, where we are searching polarity. In this way a dialogue is a verbal form of war. The Socratic form is the opposite, we seek to connect, deepen and use common knowledge.


How can we have a dialogue which accumulates the power of collective thinking? To examine this we are using the techniques of a Socratic Dialogue, facilitated by philosopher Rik Tuithof.


A Socratic dialogue is a conversation method to activate collective thinking power. Successful collective thinking starts with listening very carefully and real understanding of shared arguments. Contrary to other conversation forms like ‘debate’ or ‘discussion’, in a Socratic dialogue there are no owners of specific ideas and there is no winner in the end. The purpose of the dialogue is to find true answers and in the meantime have an enjoyable thinking experience.


The dialogue is formally facilitated by chairman Rik Tuithof. To achieve the goals of a Socratic dialogue he adheres to a strict set of rules. The conversation exists between 8-15 participants, others can analyze the talk. The subject of the dialogue is a philosophical question and preferably chosen collectively by the group itself. To help answer this question we rely on a variety of thinking tools.


The purpose of the dialogue is to find real answers and, in the meantime, have a pleasant thinking experience. Exactly what we want to achieve in TenClub. Stefan Hoevenaar has invited science philosopher Rik Tuithof, a specialist in the techniques of the Socratic conversation, to be the discussion leader and we will practice with 10-15 people. The rest can watch and learn!


Of course Socrates comes to visit. We look forward to see you, dear Curious at our Kerkstraat Theatrum Vitae.



“Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.”

– Socrates

18:30 ~ Doors open
19:00 ~ Dinner
20:00 ~ Socratic Dialogue
21:30 ~ Aftertalk & Drinks

2nd of December 2019

Kerkstraat 259


18:30 - 22:30

Doors Open:
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