10th February 2020

Tantric Questions on Heartache

healing our collective hearts

Powered by Anne Heijligers & Theo de Klein


Who doesn’t know the suffer of a heartache?


One of the Curious Anne is sharing her very personal story which caries vulnerable emotions and unanswered questions:

Where does the pain come from?

Why am I aggressive?

What is love?

How do I get over this?

How do I trust in love again?


Theo de Klein, a practitioner of Kashmiric Tantra puts his light to this topic. He creates a safe and open space to mirror ourselves with curiosity, to understand our impulses and to move from old patterns and routines to a liberating flow.


“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”

– Napoleon Hill

19:00 ~ Doors Open & Dinner
20:00 ~ Theo explains: What is Tantra? And how can this spiritual path be helpful to you?
20:10 ~ Anne tells her story, doubts & emotions.
20:20 ~ Theo and members interview Anne
20:45 ~ Break
21:00 ~ We ask an other member who is living this topic and the group interviews this person.
21.00 ~ Theo with Anne: finding the roots of your heartache,
21.15 ~ Divide in groups of 3, every person gets 7 minutes to share about their personal heartache
21.45 ~ Sharing in the group for those courageous enough

10th February 2020

Nes 116-118
1012 Amsterdam


18:30 - 22:30

Doors Open:
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