9th of Decemeber 2019

The Genderspectrum & the Principles of Lights

What does your gender mean to you?

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Sevilay Maria Van Dorst is invited to share her project #myowngender with you. Please note that this program will be in dutch.


In the past 3 years, Sevilay Maria Van Dorst her work has explored the extensive grey zone that exists within sexes. Her #MYOWNGENDER project is the final chapter of this arch. Besides a book, an educational program, and multiple documentaries, the main element of this project is a traveling, 5 by 2,5 meter art installation fusing photography with audio, video, and written word.


A unity showcasing all the nuances of gender.Models who identify as fluid within the spectrum of gender are captured on black glass through collodion wet-plating and share their story in a short interview. No matter what their pronoun may be. No matter old or young. No matter background or religion. All become an element within a circular construction that encloses every passerby with their story. The viewer becomes the viewed – even if it’s just for a second.


”As someone that is interested in many things and therefore never specializes in just one thing. I am fascinated by people who really dedicate themselves into one subject. The determination fascinates me. The subject that Sevilay Maria Van Dorst herself chose is in my eyes one of many determinations. Not just her project but also the people in it and people are, in the end, who fascinate me the most”


What does gender mean to you? An easy question, isn’t it? Well… Not exactly.


Because what might seem to be a simple case, hasn’t got a straight-forward a or b answer for many. This night we explore the extensive grey zone that exists within sexes, we explore what does and – most importantly – doesn’t define gender among those who find themselves blurring the binary male or female spectrum.


This night 10 euro’s a ticket will go to Sevilay Maria Van Dorst her crowdfunding campaign. Please note that this program will be in dutch.

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"As far as I'm concerned, being any gender is a drag."

– Patti Smith

18:30 ~ Doors open
19:00 ~ Diner
20:00 ~ start program
20:45  ~ Break
21:00 ~ 2nd part of program
22:00 ~ Drinks & Discussion

9th of Decemeber 2019

Nes 116-118
1012 Amsterdam


18:30 - 23:00

Doors Open:
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