Jul, 6th 2020

Animus & Anima

Curious Simon Mulder has a fascination for Jungian psychology. He regularly spoke to a Jungian psychologist for a while and has experienced the approach through myths as very helpful in answering life questions. Important in spiritual development is the discovery of your masculine side (as a woman) and your feminine side (as a man), which Jung calls animus and anima. Under the leadership of philosopher and writer Elte Rauch, who has also worked in mental health for a long time and has given many workshops in Jungian psychology, we discover this process of individuation.

The Program

Start program: 18:30

Diner: 19:00

Start Program: 20:00


Jul, 6th 2020


Mayer Manor, Nes 116


- 23:30

“The Animus dwells in the eyes, the anima in the abdomen”

– Carl Jung

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