Sep, 30th 2019

Awaken your Inner Child

So what exactly is the inner child?
It’s the child within you. No, not a real child, a metaphorical one and it is very important.
You know all the great aspects children have, being carefree, loving, curious, playful and forgiving, that’s how you were as a child too. All those childlike qualities are still with you. The inner child represents the happy, imaginative, innocence that you used to have and still do have buried within, you just need to tap into it again.

As children, quite a few of us suffered in childhood. When we grow up we usually suppressed our inner child along with pain.
So we spend years carrying around past trauma, letting it take root inside of us and even though the trauma is buried deep in our psyche

It’s important to acknowledge the child within, so you can be more carefree, playfull and curious again.

This night we will be experiencing how it is to be like a child, if you can surrender to it…
It all depends if you can let go of the adult ego mind and the walls you have put on to be so serious.

We have invited a speaker who works with the inner child and we have all sorts of funny and playfull things to try.
And believe us, you will go home with a big smile on your face.

The Program

18:00 Welcome

18:30 Diner

19:30 start Program


Sep, 30th 2019


Mayer Manor, Nes 116


- 23:30
homo sum humani nihil a me alienum puto