Jun, 15th 2020

Build your ideal commune

Curious Stefan Hoevenaar has a fascination for social connection and ways to combat social poverty. He previously explored conversation techniques for this, but tonight we are doing another experiment.

If you were not already troubled by social poverty, then you have in recent months: we were no longer allowed to visit friends, family, no more to cafes and restaurants. Some even experienced skin hunger. As a result of which a revaluation for old values ​​such as community spirit, being there for each other occured. Now that the discussion about basic income is flaring up as a result of the Corona crisis and it is becoming increasingly real that it will come about, Stefan wonders whether we would organize our lives differently. Can basic income lead to more people choosing to live in a commune? More focused on social and mental contact. And if so: what does that ideal commune look like?

The Program

Doors open: 18:30

Diner: 19:00

Start Program: 20:00


Jun, 15th 2020


Mayer Manor, Nes 116


- 23:30

“There's something great about the idea of working the land and living communally. That's healthy. That's good.”

– Paul Rudd
homo sum humani nihil a me alienum puto