Animus & Anima

Curious Simon Mulder has a fascination for Jungian psychology. He regularly spoke to a Jungian psychologist for a while and has experienced the approach through myths as very helpful in answering life questions. Important in spiritual development is the discovery of your masculine side (as a woman) and your feminine side (as a man), which […]

Non Saving Self-Realization Investigation

At TenClub we investigate fascinations in order to achieve self-realization. Curious Suzanne Leclaire has one great fascination: curiosity. This fascination has been at the heart of her self-realization for the past 45 years. She previously introduced us to her Cabinet of Curiosophy and the way in which she has guided people and organizations in recent […]

Build your ideal commune

Curious Stefan Hoevenaar has a fascination for social connection and ways to combat social poverty. He previously explored conversation techniques for this, but tonight we are doing another experiment. If you were not already troubled by social poverty, then you have in recent months: we were no longer allowed to visit friends, family, no more […]

The art of living meaningfully: exploring the six sources of meaning

How do you experience in your life? My fascination is to explore how it is to be human, says Curious Kees van Dongen. How do we experience meaning in life? Many of us, at some point in our life, may feel something is missing. We may feel unfulfilled. Unsure of where to look, we often […]

Sextalks – Lockdown Love

How does Corona influence your love life? Are you in need of touch? As we are entering the third month of Corona, the need for intimacy is felt more and more. Especially when you are single. Things might get complicated. Needy. Find answers and discuss together at our online event SexTALKS – Lockdown Love. A […]

Get to Know TenClub

TenClub is an Amsterdam Society dedicated to curiosity, authenticity, deepening, fascinations in all forms and types, gathering and co-creation. Inspired by the nineteenth-century Salon des Variétés: a theater of life, born from the pursuit of freedom, equality and brotherhood. We explore humanity, without judgement. The great part is that you can become a TenClub member […]

Tantric questions on heartache

This night we explore what are the actual roots of heartache from a Tantric point of view by group discussions and exercises. Who doesn’t know the suffer of heartache? One of the Curious Anne is sharing her very personal story which caries vulnerable emotions and unanswered questions. Why do I feel hurt? Where does the […]

Visual Thinking Strategy

“How can Visual Thinking Strategy create a better understanding of others and connect people with different backgrounds?“ One of the Tenclub Curious Stefan Hoevenaar is fascinated by: “forms of conversation, ways to get together and rituals to connect people. Especially in a this time where there is no longer a church to bond people and […]

Alice in Quantumland ~ Explore beyond Time & Space

What do we human beings consists of? What is matter? What is energy? And how can quantum mechanics explain how the mind effects it? This night we dive into the mysterious realm of quantum physics and consciousness. It is a fascination of our Member Silvia Hoevenaar: “It totally bended my mind & reality. I got […]

Intimate encounters IV

Intimate Encounters was born from the desire for a place in Amsterdam where anyone – also people without any experience visiting an intimate event like this – feel safe and free to explore the diversity of sensuality surrounded by flowers, pleasant smells, a marvellous decor, and beautiful souls. Imagine a journey that starts with a […]

Deep Democracy ~ The Wisdom of the Minority

What are the aspects of Deep Democracy to connect people with different backgrounds to each other? “I’m fascinated by forms of conversation and rituals to connect people. Especially in a this time when there is no longer a church to bond people and when social cohesion and connection are more important for the happiness of […]

Socratic Wars ~ The Art of Graceful Dialogue

In common society dialogue is an art of knowing better than the other, where we are searching polarity. In this way a dialogue is a verbal form of war. The Socratic form is the opposite, we seek to connect, deepen and use common knowledge. How can we have a dialogue which accumulates the power of […]

The Transformative Power of Psychedelics

Might the intense personal meaning and spiritual significance of psychedelic experiences, help us develop curiosity, compassion, courage and expand our consciousness? Join forces with scientists, psychonauts, psychologists and philosophers. Tenclub, the society of the curious for the curious, investigates the psychedelic confrontation with the unconscious and reflects on how an open mind might help adress […]

Paranormal Activity

To believe or not to believe? That is the question … Are you curious about the paranormal? To this mystical and unseen world? What is actually happening around us in these other dimensions? And what can you do with it yourself? More and more people are working on it, they are becoming more telepathic, highly […]


SexTALKS is a lecture/discussion evening with sex related topics and part of the I AM SEXUALITY platform by TENCLUB. Aiming for a wider understanding and an open sharing of our sexual mind. During this recuring session at the last Wednesday of every other month we look at a different topic. Sexuality is a core principle […]

The Genderspectrum & the Principles of Lights

I felt alien my whole life, but I didn’t feel alien because of my gender. Other people made me aware of my gender ~ Patti Smith ”As someone that is interested in many things and therefore never specializes in just one thing. I am fascinated by people who really dedicate themselves into one subject. The […]