Lili Marleen

She’s back! One of TENCLUB’s first fascinations… It all started with a fascination by TENCLUB’s Curious Morschi Franz ~ ”The elegance of chivalrous Prussia, the jazz that came from America and the shame of the First World War fused into an urge to escape with one purpose: creating a new world out of the existing […]

75 – jaar bevrijding

75 jaar Bevrijding – de liederen van Mordechai GebirtigEen samenwerking tussen TENCLUB, Club Classique, Uitgeverij HetMoet en het Feest der Poëzie Met het naderen van 75 jaar Bevrijding vragen we ons af hoe we het leed van de Tweede Wereldoorlog en de vreugde van de herwonnen vrijheid van de Bevrijding duidelijk kunnen maken aan nieuwe […]

Get to Know TenClub

TenClub is an Amsterdam Society dedicated to curiosity, authenticity, deepening, fascinations in all forms and types, gathering and co-creation. Inspired by the nineteenth-century Salon des Variétés: a theater of life, born from the pursuit of freedom, equality and brotherhood. We explore humanity, without judgement. The great part is that you can become a TenClub member […]

House of Music ~ Funk up Your Soul

“Sometimes I wonder why and when music grabs you and when not. So what will happen when we fill a house with artists of all kinds and you wander through their soundscapes. When are you touched, where will you stop, when will you be in wonder?” ~ Jochem Janssen (founder of TenClub) Tenclub member Matthijs […]

House of Music ~ Midnight in Paris

House of Music : a new concept by TenClub When filling spaces with music and artists of all kinds whilst visitors are travelers through music scapes: what happens, what do we experience, what we do run into? House of Music, is a full house of music, with many artists playing simultaneously, within a theme, but […]

Smokey Jazz ~ Bossa Nova Edition

Imagine… It is the middle of Summer 1958, the temperature rises up to 31 degrees, the sun tickles your bare feet in the sand. You are strolling down Ipanema beach in the beautiful Rio de Janeiro, when a rhythm is carried to your ears as a whisper. You cannot control your curiosity and before you […]