Sextalks – Lockdown Love

How does Corona influence your love life? Are you in need of touch? As we are entering the third month of Corona, the need for intimacy is felt more and more. Especially when you are single. Things might get complicated. Needy. Find answers and discuss together at our online event SexTALKS – Lockdown Love. A […]

Get to Know TenClub

TenClub is an Amsterdam Society dedicated to curiosity, authenticity, deepening, fascinations in all forms and types, gathering and co-creation. Inspired by the nineteenth-century Salon des Variétés: a theater of life, born from the pursuit of freedom, equality and brotherhood. We explore humanity, without judgement. The great part is that you can become a TenClub member […]

Healing Frequencies Meditation & Bathhouse

We gather for a nice dinner by Health Corner. And enjoy a meditative concert by Deniz Kavafoglu on hang and Stacey Griffin from Shift Meditation on singing bowls. By using rhythm and frequency, we can entrain our brainwaves to downshift our normal consciousness to a meditative state making it possible for internal healing to take […]

Smokey Jazz ~ Bossa Nova Edition

Imagine… It is the middle of Summer 1958, the temperature rises up to 31 degrees, the sun tickles your bare feet in the sand. You are strolling down Ipanema beach in the beautiful Rio de Janeiro, when a rhythm is carried to your ears as a whisper. You cannot control your curiosity and before you […]