Paranormal Activity

To believe or not to believe? That is the question … Are you curious about the paranormal? To this mystical and unseen world? What is actually happening around us in these other dimensions? And what can you do with it yourself? More and more people are working on it, they are becoming more telepathic, highly […]

The Art of Intimacy

The Art of Intimacy Physical intimacy is easy. Emotional intimacy is hard Intimacy is a topic we tend to dont talk about much.Yet it can be fun, light-hearted and deeply connecting. Have you ever wondered what makes up a connection between people? In any kind of situation.Why you feel immediately related to some people?And to […]

Awaken your Inner Child

So what exactly is the inner child?It’s the child within you. No, not a real child, a metaphorical one and it is very important.You know all the great aspects children have, being carefree, loving, curious, playful and forgiving, that’s how you were as a child too. All those childlike qualities are still with you. The […]

Imagination & Reality

Let’s travel to another dimension whith the Mystical Entertainer Edgar Brumaire.This uncanny magician invites you to a magic show lecture, to share his fascination: exploring the line between imagination and reality throught interactive magical effects. Magic effects like dramas, music, novels and movies come from imagination but are fictional.Edgar believes when we experience fiction, we […]

The Genderspectrum & the Principles of Lights

I felt alien my whole life, but I didn’t feel alien because of my gender. Other people made me aware of my gender ~ Patti Smith ”As someone that is interested in many things and therefore never specializes in just one thing. I am fascinated by people who really dedicate themselves into one subject. The […]