Jan, 25th 2020

Intimate encounters IV

Intimate Encounters was born from the desire for a place in Amsterdam where anyone – also people without any experience visiting an intimate event like this – feel safe and free to explore the diversity of sensuality surrounded by flowers, pleasant smells, a marvellous decor, and beautiful souls.

Imagine a journey that starts with a ceremony where the unwanted is left behind in the fire, where participants meet without words, and where intentions are set. Next, a walking dinner will create space for words to flow and experiences to be shared before the workshops set off. Afterwards, the moment arises when you can explore the rest of the house; wash your dirty thoughts away in the spa, listen to the piano in the cuddlespace, expanding your ears to porn poetry and much more. The higher you get, the more intimacy you might meet.

Refresh yourself at the tea and juice bar during the event and snack your way to paradise with plenty of fruits and healthy delights.

To make this exploration safe, we listed principles that we value as organisers and rules that we’d like participants to respect. If you can’t find yourself in these, this might not be an event for you. Furthermore, there will be Empathy Angels around to be there for you if something happens that needs to be addressed, more on that below. Additionally, every participant will have a little video call before buying a ticket with one of the organisers to talk about intentions and motivation for joining.

Creating a safe space to explore intimacy and sensuality is a continuous effort and a serious task for all participants. We hope that you understand our precaution!

Additional info
Intimate Encounters traditionally opens with a practical talk by Coen Aerts, followed by a welcoming ritual. Think about greeting each other non-verbally, breathwork, and setting intentions. In short, we will take time to get to know each other. Thereafter words will flow fluently exchanging experiences during a light dinner.

The Program

Flow of Things

16:30 Doors open

17:00 Doors close; start 'Opening Ritual'

19:00 Light walking dinner

20:00 Start workshops

22:00 Opening spa, cuddle space and Dirty Talk room.

01:00 End


Jan, 25th 2020


Mayer Manor, Nes 116


- 01:00
homo sum humani nihil a me alienum puto