Apr, 24th 2019


SexTALKS is a lecture/discussion evening with sex related topics and part of the I AM SEXUALITY platform by TENCLUB. Aiming for a wider understanding and an open sharing of our sexual mind. During this recuring session at the last Wednesday of every other month we look at a different topic.

Sexuality is a core principle of our existence, still talking about it in public often exceeds the boundaries of common comfort. In our own private bubble though one is free to explore the inner nymphomaniac to it’s full extent and many times aided by porn. sexTALKS seeks to break the taboo on sex related sharing of knowledgde and experiences in order to guide our inner sluts with some sletiquette.

Speakers from all over the sexual landscape of our globe are welcomed to share their wisdom, sometimes accompanied by interactive exercises and theatrical or screen intermezzo’s.

The second edition of sexTALKS will inquire ‘alternative relationships’. That is, relationships that are non-monogamous and different from the romantic ideal modern society creates for us.

The Program


20:00 Doors open

20:30 Polyamory, a practical guide by Ozkar Oz Bechtold. On loving more than one person.

21:00 Break

21:30 A relationship with the Self by Pada. On celibacy and cultivating universal love through the primal energy.

22:00 Break

22:30 Master ~ Slave dynamics" by Victor Ormazabal. On dom/sub relationships.

23:00 Open discussion

00:00 Doors close / end


Apr, 24th 2019


Mayer Manor, Nes 116


- 23:30
homo sum humani nihil a me alienum puto