Jul, 19th 2019

Smokey Jazz ~ Bossa Nova Edition


It is the middle of Summer 1958, the temperature rises up to 31 degrees, the sun tickles your bare feet in the sand. You are strolling down Ipanema beach in the beautiful Rio de Janeiro, when a rhythm is carried to your ears as a whisper.

You cannot control your curiosity and before you know it you are in a nightclub where samba and jazz are fused into one seductive sound. Hand-rolled cigars are being smoked and shared, there is laughter everywhere and it is infectious.

Heavy-handed Caipirinhas are generously served and just when you have your first drink in your hands in an instant you know : This night will change all other nights forever.

Come play, flirt with music, enjoy a cigar, a perfect cocktail and passionately move your body till your eyes meet those of your heart’s beholder… Bring your flair to our night filled with Jazz, Samba and the very best Bossa Nova.

The Program

20:30 Doors open

22:00 Tengu Malina, Duo from Italy based in Amsterdam

00:00 Thais Di Marco will perform a musical number that will blow you away

till 4 am ~ DJ Nobody Knows will continue to spin bossa nova classics for you, with a modern twist at times, late into the night in our unique basement club.


Jul, 19th 2019


Mayer Manor, Nes 116


- 00:00
homo sum humani nihil a me alienum puto