Feb, 10th 2020

Tantric questions on heartache

This night we explore what are the actual roots of heartache from a Tantric point of view by group discussions and exercises.

Who doesn’t know the suffer of heartache? One of the Curious Anne is sharing her very personal story which caries vulnerable emotions and unanswered questions. Why do I feel hurt? Where does the pain come from? How do I get over this?

Theo de Klein, a practitioner of Kashmiric Tantra (www.abhikatantra.nl) puts his light to this topic. He creates a safe and open space to mirror ourselves with curiosity, to understand our impulses and to move from old patterns and routines to a liberating flow. He explains: What is Tantra? And how can this spiritual path be helpful to you?

The Program

19:00 – Doors Open & Dinner

20:00 – Theo explains: What is Tantra? And how can this spiritual path be helpful to you?

20:10 – Anne tells her story, doubts & emotions.

20:20 – Theo and members interview Anne

20:45 – Break

21:00 – We ask an other member who is living this topic and the group interviews this person.

21.00 – Theo with Anne: finding the roots of your heartache,

21.15 – Divide in groups of 3, every person gets 7 minutes to share about their personal heartache

21.45 – Sharing in the group for those courageous enough


Feb, 10th 2020


Mayer Manor

Nes 116-118

1012 Amsterdam


- 22:30

“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”

– Napoleon Hill

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