Oct, 21st 2019

The Transformative Power of Psychedelics

Might the intense personal meaning and spiritual significance of psychedelic experiences, help us develop curiosity, compassion, courage and expand our consciousness?

Join forces with scientists, psychonauts, psychologists and philosophers.

Tenclub, the society of the curious for the curious, investigates the psychedelic confrontation with the unconscious and reflects on how an open mind might help adress spiritual, social and ecological challenges of today.

This night you will hear 2 lectures of recent scientific studies, on the direct and lasting effects of psychedelics on consciousness, brain dynamics and behavior.

2 Personal transformative psychedelic experiences are shared.

We then share our own experiences In small group conversations. We ponder on the question how this has changed our relation with ourself, each other, and our planet.

The Program

18:00 Welcome

18:30 Diner

19:30 Introduction Drs. Kees van Dongen, Psychologist, Tenclub member

19:45 Topic 1, Dr. Josjan Zijlmans, Researcher and Psychologist, Amsterdam Psychedelic Research Association - APRA

20:45 Break

21:00 Topic 2, MA. Joost Breeksema, Researcher, Stichting OPEN

22:00 Experience 1, Silvia Hoevenaar, Tenclub member

22:15 Experience 3, Kamiel Proost, Tenclub member

22:15 Break

22:30 - 23:00 Small group conversations


Oct, 21st 2019


Mayer Manor, Nes 116


- 23:00

β€œIt's time to move on to the next step in the psychedelic revolution. We've reached a certain point, but we're not moving any more.”

– Ken Kesey
homo sum humani nihil a me alienum puto