Feb, 3rd 2020

Visual Thinking Strategy

“How can Visual Thinking Strategy create a better understanding of others and connect people with different backgrounds?

One of the Tenclub Curious Stefan Hoevenaar is fascinated by: “forms of conversation, ways to get together and rituals to connect people. Especially in a this time where there is no longer a church to bond people and where social cohesion and connection are more important for the happiness of people as ever. Although we have wealth and health, there is social poverty. I want to discover forms of conversation to see if they can connect people with different backgrounds.”

This night we’re learning the aspects of Visual Thinking Strategy. VTS is a learning method designed to improve the perception, critical thinking and understanding of the other by discussing artworks in groups. “Visual thinkers tend to make little distinction between personal perceptions and what they consider to be objective truths. Observations will be communicated matter of factly, without any critical reflection or additional explanation as it is assumed the perception is objectively true. In this process of actively constructing an understanding of what is being observed, learning is aided by skillful guidance of the facilitator and alternative views of group members.” ~ Thinking Eye.

This night the dialogue is guided by VTS expert @Adelijn van Huis. The role of the discussion leader in VTS is not to supply a source of knowledge but to guide the participants through a process of curious exploration, critical reflection and collective meaning making. VTS invites an inquisitive attitude and offers a safe environment to develop and explore new views. We’re invited to become become aware of our own thinking patterns and those of others, and to learn that differences exist and are enriching. The consistency in this discussion technique provides a structural thinking strategy that we can internalize over time so that we become able to independently and critically guide our visual meaning making.

The Program

19:00 — Dinner in Monsterzaal

20:00 — VTS in Monsterzaal

20:45 — Break

21:00 — VTS


Feb, 3rd 2020


Theatrum Vitae

Mayer Manor

Nes 116-118

1012 Amsterdam


- 21:00

“Information is not knowledge.”

– Albert Einstein
homo sum humani nihil a me alienum puto