2. Money & Potential

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Passion, Work, Money and repeat

By Friday Feb 28 2020

Eric Kalter has been fired.   For the first time in his working life, his agenda is empty. Great time to change course and start doing something completely different.   But what? An inner search arose around the interface between happiness, making money, and creativity. Why do we make the choices we make and how […]

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Genderspectrum & the Principles of Lights

By Sunday Dec 01 2019

  Sevilay Maria Van Dorst is invited to share her project #myowngender with you. Please note that this program will be in dutch.   In the past 3 years, Sevilay Maria Van Dorst her work has explored the extensive grey zone that exists within sexes. Her #MYOWNGENDER project is the final chapter of this arch. […]

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The Philosophy of Money

By Thursday Oct 04 2018
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