Membership for the Curious

Membership to TENCLUB is compulsory and operates under the principles of 1/10 (the Tyth) – A core tenant of TENCLUB that involves giving back to those around us, and breaking down the walls and ideas which constitute “the other”, by sharing and experiencing events and happenings to help break down these barriers.


As such the Members are Human beings with different shapes, sizes, and perspectives, the primary request of TENCLUB towards its Members is to contribute. To contribute with time, money, effort, knowledge, but most importantly by being their authentic selves and sharing their moments of authentic and true Self Realization.


Membership is as much about giving as receiving, as such each and every Member of TENCLUB commits themselves to have the intent of curiosity towards themselves and others, be open minded, accept feedback, execute one Cluster of Fascination per year, help execute and visit other Clusters, to give a Declaration of Self each year, to blog and share about the experience of what it means to be a TENCLUB Member and following your curiosity fully.


TENCLUB acts as a central hub for international personalities to connect in our unique environment. It can be considered in equal parts and events space and a social hub, each month presenting to you a new menu of the human experiences co-created by Members.


From live music to workshops on fencing, philosophical discussion to ancient traditions, celebrations to commemorations, costume dress-up to moments of silence. All is possible and TENCLUB will provide to Members an ever evolving slate of fascination and curious possibilities with our eclectic and ongoing empowerment of Curious co-creations.


Welcome to TENCLUB


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“It's time to fly. Care to join me?”

– Anthony T. Hincks


nes 116–118
1012 KE amsterdam
The Netherlands

welcome @ tenclub . nl