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№ V

By Jochem Janssen12 February 2018

What do you want to leave behind once you leave this planet as a human? Are their life lessons to be learned?

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№ IV

By Nic LazTo be announced

We shall explore what Freedom is exactly to each of us, and what does it mean to be 'Free'?

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By Nic Laz9 July 2017

Divide et Impera : Why has this been the rational of Governance for so many centuries?

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№ II

By Nic Laz14 May 2017

We will explore not just technology, but all our understanding of the very essence of what is consciousness and sentience.

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№ I

By Nic Laz19 March 2017

We have long dreamed of being able to visit other planets and stars, now there is a drive for space colonisation.

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