Table of Ten


Each Table Of Ten consist of 10 people, who delve into a topic of fascination presented by the moderating Member. The topics can be as diverse as the people who involve themselves in each and every Table of Ten.

A Table Of Ten is not only a physical gathering but also metaphorical table which uses a ritualistic approach to deepen any issue/question that is asked.

Instead of debating, winning or losing, or argumentation; the approach taken is that of discourse – the point of which being not victory, but progress.

If we are to discuss peace, we must discuss war, if we are to discuss love, we must understand hate.

You are invited to email us anytime welcome @ tenclub . nl

If, or when, you have a proposition
of something you are curious to be
studied, discussed, or investigated

With a unique format developed by TENCLUB, the infinitely possible Table Of Ten shall explore any and all ideas which exist, stemming from a Member's own drive to discuss and share concepts with others, to see what is truly clear, and what was once thought clear and now can be perceived differently.

Upcoming Tables

Table of Ten № III

Governance of Self & Others By Nic Laz

Divide et Impera : Why has this been the rational of Governance for so many centuries?

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Table of Ten № II

Singularity By Nic Laz

We will explore not just technology, but all our understanding of the very essence of what is consciousness and sentience.

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Tables of the past

Table of Ten № V

Legacy By Jochem Janssen

What do you want to leave behind once you leave this planet as a human? Are their life lessons to be learned?

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Table of Ten № IV

Freedom By Nic Laz

We shall explore what Freedom is exactly to each of us, and what does it mean to be ‘Free’?

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