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Why Tenclub

TenClub at its core wonders what will happen when people gather in beautiful spaces with a curious attitude and open minds. We are a member supported Society of the Curious that is backed by an ANBI Foundation where every member is fascinated by what it means to be Human. We are a humanistic society focused on getting to know more of ourselves, and others, together.

Step outside your comfort zone
discover your curious self
be part of an innovative society
meet authentic individuals
know thyself


Membership is as much about giving as receiving, as such each and every member of TenClub commits themselves to follow their Curiosity. Driven to pursue their Curiosity together to co-create an exploration. Request an invite to your unique chance to learn about TenClub in person at our upcoming Info Night.

Clusters of Fascination

Imagine that you are in a magical space with extraordinary people, willing to question the world as it is. Ready to challenge.

Next Edition
Jul, 6th 2020

Curious Simon Mulder has a fascination for Jungian psychology. He regularly spoke to a Jungian psychologist for a while and has experienced the approach through myths as very helpful in answering life questions. Important in spiritual development is the discovery of your masculine side (as a woman) and your feminine side (as a man), which Jung calls animus and anima. Under the leadership of philosopher and writer E ...

Sep, 25th 2020

She's back! One of TENCLUB's first fascinations... It all started with a fascination by TENCLUB's Curious Morschi Franz ~ ''The elegance of chivalrous Prussia, the jazz that came from America and the shame of the First World War fused into an urge to escape with one purpose: creating a new world out of the existing reality''