Imagine that you are in a magical space with extraordinary people, willing to question the world as it is. Ready to challenge themselves by taking the responsibility to shape the future, and the courage to take action. With the wisdom to see beyond the taboo, with the power to change our world, and the heart to unite our efforts.

Every once in a while some people come together and dare to challenge what is accepted as ‘the norm’, ‘the way it is’ and are just crazy enough to rip up the manual and start again. Society may label them as misfits, rebels and troublemakers. But these are the ones who see things differently.

They have no respect for the status quo, as free thinkers; you may quote them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them… because they change things. They invent, they imagine, they create, explore, they push things forward.

Driven to pursue their Curiosity together to co-create an exploration to discover their Humanity. We are a humanistic society focused on getting to know more of ourselves, and others, together.

Our Extra-ordinary Spaces

The Theatrum Vitaes (latin for Theaters of Life) are the physical dimension of TenClub that should also be considered as metaphysical spaces. We consider life as a place to play, investigate, be curious, and have beautiful encounters. Playful and fascinating environments are key elements. Explore our exclusive selection of spaces where your curiosity can be manifested into reality.

Our Unique Philosophy

TenClub’s philosophy at its core wonders what happens when intriguing people gather in beautiful spaces with a curious attitude and open minds. All of our explorations are member-driven and based on the seven Pillars and nine Curricula that are central to our Society’s philosophy. Indulge your Curiosity and discover these and more right here.

Society of the Curious

We consider our members as unique beings that come in all shapes, sizes, and perspectives, the primary request we have of our members is to contribute. To contribute with time, money, effort, wisdom, but most importantly by being their authentic selves. Learn about TenClub and request an invitation to an upcoming Info Night here.

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