Our Philosophy

TenClub is the manifestation of Magical Places for Extraordinary Minds driven by Curiosity, Wonderment, Fascination, Questioning, and not taking anything for Granted. A Society where all members are focused and fascinated by what being Human is, and pursue their Curiosity together to co-create and discover their Humanity. A humanistic society focused on getting to know more of ourselves, and others, together.

TenClub’s philosophy at its core wonders what will happen when people gather in beautiful spaces with a curious attitude and open perspective. While it is not per-se easy to be truly curious, TenClub seeks to inspire and facilitate the expressions of Curiosity within us all, with the aspiration that this leads to Self Realization. All of our explorations are member-driven and are associated with at least one of the seven Pillars and at least one of the nine Curricula that are central to our society’s philosophy.

The 7 Pillars

These seven pillars of human attention are key elements of the TenClub symbolism which represent the common foundations that encompass what it means to be human. They form the base of every Clusters of Fascination that we host within our society and each Cluster of Fascination can be more intellectually focused, or more sexual, or more spiritual, or a combination of all of them. Touch the symbols to find out more about each Pillar.

Body & Care

Our bodies are the best tools we will ever own, learning to use them takes a lifetime and taking care of them is a constant duty.

Money & Potential

We cultivate our inner wealth as well as our personal potential, our society empowers the growth of our members in all forms.

Child & Learning

We were all children and have learned many things since birth, but your lessons continue and our inner children are still playful as always.

Relations & Emotions

We wish for our hearts to be pure and full, even if emotions can be difficult and relationships tense at times, we celebrate their power.

Sexuality & Desire

We would love to hear your deepest desires and for you to feel free to express your authentic self in all the many ways they manifest.

Knowledge & Insight

We thirst for more knowledge and insight, wisdom and experiences that come in many forms and the open sharing of them.

Spirituality & Meaning

We wish for all to achieve their state of enlightenment, in whatever form this may take, to find meaning and purpose in our lives.

The 9 Curricula

We have over the years found that there are a variety of ways in which curious explorations are organized or in how our members engage in these fascinations. We call these the Curricula and we have distinguished nine different ones that encompass various methodologies and intentions set by those proposing a Cluster of Fascination. Touch the roman numerals below to find out more about each Curriculum.


Nectar & Ambrosium
Indulging in the senses in all their forms and possibilities. Tasting new delicacies, infusing a perfume, or feasting together.


Rituals & Dedication
Exploring the ways our actions and intentions can be set to different purposes, and discovering rituals of other tribes and societies.


Meditation & Contemplation
Being still and present, introspective and reflective, processing and digesting. All the ways we use our minds to make sense of thoughts.


Exercise & Practice
Bodies can be temples or tools, distilling thousands of hours into a refined and precise sequence of movements or a state of being.


Festivities & Celebration
Rejoicement and commemoration for things past, present, and future. Gatherings of great joy and delight where many surprises await.


Discussions & Insight
Taking the surgical approach to a concept, idea, philosophy, piece of music or whatever the Curious wish to explore.


Playing, Theater, Dance & Singing
Pure authentic expression of self through the creation of beauty and art, an opportunity to explore our inner childs and creative selves.


Mind & Practice
Our mind is a pond of water, we seek to explore ways of controlling our inner turbulence and maintaining stillness of mind.


Beauty, Creation & Experiencing
Enjoying moments of pure awe and wonderment, whether it is the creation of this experience or just the pure perception of it.

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