Becoming a member

Membership is as much about giving as receiving, as such each and every member of TenClub commits themselves to follow their Curiosity, to be open minded and accept feedback, to host their own Cluster of Fascination and participate in those of others, and to become an ambassador for the Society.

Being in a state of Curiosity takes a certain sense of craftful sensitivity and an inner source of courage. We must be intentional and willing to feel, taste, question, hear, touch, experience, embody, and investigate something in order to find out what it truly is all about.

Upon joining the TenClub team will contact you and guide you through our simple process, you will be invited to a members-only event and required to introduce yourself and give a Declaration of Self to the other members.

The Tyth

Membership to TenClub is compulsory and operates under the principles of 1/10 (the Tyth) which invites us all to give back to those around us, breaking down the walls and ideas which constitute ‘the other’. Through giving and being present for other members we help break down these barriers. We consider our members as unique beings that come in all shapes, sizes, and perspectives, everyone is welcome to join our Society for the Curious.

The main request we have of our members is to contribute – to contribute with time, money, effort, wisdom, but most importantly by being their authentic selves. If we all gave 10% to a collective dream, it will manifest instantly.


Need to pay your Membership Tyth? Want to make a philanthropic donation? Wishing to become a patron of Curiosity?