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Imagine that you are in a magical space with extraordinary people, willing to question the world as it is. Ready to challenge.

11th June 2023

Red Light Jazz Festival Day 2 We’re on a summer break with House of Jazz, but fear not: there still is a chance to catch your favourite jazz musicians before summer really kicks in. As usual, TenClub will be one of the key venues during the infamous Redlight Jazz Festival and on Sunday, we proudly present our very special guest Rolf Delfos, one of the most in demand saxophonists in the country. Joi ...

12th June 2023

Night of the Curious ~ Griekse Tragedie

Curious Night  This Monday, Natalia Davidson will discuss Greek tragedy in which she sees striking similarities with modern day life: “We arrogantly believe we can shape ...

clusters of fascination

A Cluster of Fascination can be described or constructed as a project, piece of art, performance, show, reading, platform, song, question, request, poem… It does not matter, as the purpose of the pursuit is not the result, but the expression of itself and the daring quest of exposing it to others. Clusters of Fascination can be serious, vulnerable, funny, ridiculous, painful, funky, bizarre, inspiring and so on. The outcome of these programs is the stimulation of the conscious expression of the inner world of the Members in the Cluster.