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Imagine that you are in a magical space with extraordinary people, willing to question the world as it is. Ready to challenge.

26th February 2024

Tonight, TenClub member and USA expert Charles Groenhuijsen will educate us all on the upcoming presidential elections. Not only will the voters decide whether they'll have Donald Trump or Joe Biden for president, they'll also tell us what kind of America we are heading for. Republicans long back to the days when America was predominantly white, heterosexual and religious. The Democrats want the opposite: more tolerance, more diversity and sel ...

28th February 2024

Philip Lassiter presents the Soul Church, a musical showcase for artists and singer songwriters. Soul Church is a community of musicians who celebrate soulful, original music. Led by Philip Lassiter, 11 time Grammy winning musician/artist/arranger for Prince & the New Power Generation. The aim of Soul Church is to build a community of high level musicianship & positivity.

3rd March 2024

House of Jazz

TenClub’s Monster Room turns into Amsterdam’s one and only actual jazz club every Sunday afternoon. Our headquarters at Nes 116 bring the atmosphere Amsterdam’s jazz scene has been waiting for without ...

clusters of fascination

A Cluster of Fascination can be described or constructed as a project, piece of art, performance, show, reading, platform, song, question, request, poem… It does not matter, as the purpose of the pursuit is not the result, but the expression of itself and the daring quest of exposing it to others. Clusters of Fascination can be serious, vulnerable, funny, ridiculous, painful, funky, bizarre, inspiring and so on. The outcome of these programs is the stimulation of the conscious expression of the inner world of the Members in the Cluster.

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