Welcome to TenClub

Why TenClub

TenClub at its core wonders what will happen when people gather together in beautiful spaces with a curious attitude and an open mind. Therefore TenClub provides its members with a space, a club and an environment where open-mindedness, curiosity, being aware and discovery unfold in a playful manner. A place where members open up to question every reality, seek more experiences and knowledge, and share their thoughts with each other.

Step outside your comfort zone
discover your curious self
be part of an innovative society
meet authentic individuals
know thyself


TenClub is a society for curious people that want to explore humanity. Membership is as much about receiving as giving; therefore each and every member of TenClub commits itself to his or her curiosity and willingness to open up.

Our Society of the Curious is a foundation, and exclusively member supported. We ask every member to pay a monthly tax-deductible donation to support the Society. Want to know more? Feel free to contact us.

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