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Imagine that you are in a magical space with extraordinary people willing to question the world as it is, ready to challenge themselves by taking responsibility to shape the future, and the courage to take action. With the wisdom to see beyond the taboo, the power to change our world, and the heart to unite efforts.

Tenclub is a new movement you have the opportunity
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We are a member’s society that seeks to empower and to explore our curiosity together in wondrous spaces, called the “Theatres of Life”.
TenClub is a humanistic society and house of culture, building a program based on the fascinations of its members.
Our members are guided in investigating their fascinations and mold these into cultural programs/ events, making these fascinations tangible for other members. As art is the expression of a fascination, all kinds of arts are used to shape an immersive environment in which members are invited to participate. Including but not limited to theatre, music, literature, science, body culture, festivities, food and drink.

Our venues which we call Theatre of Life (Theatrum Vitae) include the magnificent Mayer Manor and the Salon des Curiosités, in Amsterdam’s historic theatre district. Also, we have access to the Great Barn located in the scenic countryside of Baambrugge, near Amsterdam. 

Our Theatres of Life are the playground for our club’s immersive experiences.

Are you motivated to discover more of
who you are?

This is your chance to join our society for the curious, a place to be as well as to explore new ways of being, a space to be surprised and astonished, a society for authentic, unpredictable, and wondrous experiences.

We are looking for new members that consider themselves open-minded, non-judgmental, courageous, authentic and of course curious.

Your membership gives access
to all this and more

Journey of Self – based on your passion and fascination we create a program and use the arts to inspire others and the venues (Mayer Manor & Salon des Curiosités and Grand Farmhouse in Baambrugge) are our theatre.

Exploring your curiosity with other members will lead to a greater understanding of yourself and others. With support this can further stimulate your personal development as well as the necessary empowerment to explore your fascinations, concerns, and passions.

Night of the Curious – free member nights (Curious nights on Mondays), where invited guests can interact with current members over food, drinks and curated programs.

House of Fascination – a diverse selection of curiosity – expanding events proposed and created by members, within the spaces of TenClub or other locations suited for the exploration of members fascinations. 

Grand Night of Theatre –larger scale productions consisting of multiple acts and experiences in our Theatre of Life, completely immersing the audience in a total work of art. 

Unique Social Experience – proposing or participating in experiences (Clusters of Fascination) or discussing topics (Tables of Ten) in whatever style of intention your curiosity takes you.

TenClub app – a place for your assignments, to share your passions and buy tickets for events. A private platform which facilitates connections and exchanges between members. An international society of authentic and curious people for you to connect and exchange with.

Grand Curious dinner – grand theatrical dinner with all members of TenClub.

Private Mansions – grants you the ability to hold the keys to curiously exceptional spaces. You get a discount on our private mansions: Secret Chapel in Amsterdam, Pedralva Lakeland Estate. More info:

Sahara Experience – offers a eight-day trip trough the northwestern region of the Moroccan Sahara. This trip will be one of a kind and follows a part of the Paris-Dakar route. It will take you from Marrakech through the Atlas highlands (to a height of 2400 mtrs) after which the off-road experience begins. We will drive through the magic sand dunes of Erg Chebbi, lots of authentic settlements and trough nomad villages where the orginal Berbers still live. For members there is a 25% discount on the Sahara Experience. More info:

New Years party – Magical and extraordinary party with thematic thinking. Members get interesting discounts on tickets.
More info:

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