Unique approach to programming

TenClub is not a regular venue or events space, we do things differently and as the Society we endeavour to curate unique programs of human experiences co-created by our members, the Curious.

Within this programming you will find everything from live music to workshops on fencing, philosophical discussion to ancient traditions to ritual commemorations, costume play to deep moments of silence. All is possible and we give our members access to extraordinary spaces where the fullness of their Curiosity can be manifested as a unique Cluster of Fascination.

Curiosity as connecting force

TenClub as a Society not only stimulates the Curiosity of members, but we also to foster, facilitate, nurture, support, and empower our members to co-create together Clusters of Fascination of any form or format in a wondrous and conscious expression of Self or exploration of the Other. This pursuit is self-reinforcing, as Members participate in Clusters of Fascination, their Curiosity grows and expands to realms unknown to them thus far. This self-reinforcing loop incites them to dream, imagine, wonder, and envision their investigations; and with the help of other Members in the Clusters they collectively manifest the curious investigations of one another.

Curious for more?

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