13th December 2023

The Érard Student Series – Joshua Cahya Kurniadi

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Érard Student Series

Brand new this year is our Érard Student Series, a talent program associated with our regular Érard Grand Piano Series. For the series, conservatory students from five different countries present their very own world premiere where piano music is always combined with another artform such as poetry, cinema, photography or dance. 

At TenClub we believe that piano concerts are among the most magical musical experiences to be had in life. That’s why a few years back, we decided to dedicate a series to our 1892 Érard Grand piano. Artem Belogurov, Ksenia Kouzmenko, Klára Würtz and many others have already performed in our acclaimed Érard Grand Piano Series in the unique and intimate atmosphere of our fin-de-siècle salon.

We are also of the view that growth in musicianship is a fascinating journey and it is one that we would like to get involved in. It is for this reason that we have invited eight excellent conservatory students of piano from all over the world to curate a program especially for the Érard at Nes 120, next door to the Mayer Manor. Curators of the series are senior classical piano teacher at the Utrecht Conservatory Henry Kelder and TenClub’s artistic leader and pianist Bas van Lier. 

About Joshua Cahya Kurniadi 

Joshua Cahya Kurniadi (1998, Indonesia) loved playing with cars as a child, but somehow his parents noticed his talent for playing the piano and encouraged him to further develop his music skills. Joshua then started to enter competitions and won prizes not only in his home country Indonesia, but also in in Malaysia and Singapore. In 2019, Joshua decided to move to the Netherlands to study classical piano under the supervision of Henry Kelder and he did so successfully: as he graduated, the jury panel noted his outstanding level to even surpass a Master’s exam. Joshua will now continue his studies has enrolled in the Utrecht Conservatorium’s Master program.

Joshua Cahya Kurniadis’ Program

Yuhki Kuramoto : Lake louise (04:00)

Yuhki Kuramoto : Romance (04:00)

Mozart : Piano Quartet in G Minor (25:00)


A. Scriabin: Etude op. 8 no. 5 (02:30)

J. Brahms: Piano Sonata no. 3, 1st movement (10:00)

J. Suprana: Tembang Alit (03:00)

Makholm: Trois Impression, III. Bebop N You (03:30)

Billy Mayerl: Railroad Rhythm (03:30)

Tickets for non-members:  €10,-, Members and students: free entrance.

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The program

Doors open: 19:00 hrs
Start program: 20:00 hrs


13th December 2023


Nes 120, Amsterdam


– 23:

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