13th April 2024

Hotclub de Franz

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The sizzling success of Hotclub de Franz’s first season has set the stage for yet another series of utterly unique club nights. A parallel universe awaits you every first Saturday night of the month starting from February 3rd. Hotclub is a realm where you can revel in your exuberance, surrounded by a wonderful bunch of fine looking fellow nightcrawlers. Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, it’s time to become part of the eclectic tapestry of Hotclub de Franz!

Hotclub de Franz? 

Hotclub de Franz was named after 1930s jazz organisation Hot Club de France by TenClub’s Morschi Franz, who was born into Sinti gypsy family.  Hot Club de France used to be strongly associated with famous Sinti gypsy stars Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli, Morschi Franz’s ancestors!

What to expect?

From the sultry allure of dirty cabaret to the melodious sweetness of live singing, and the mesmerizing display of weird tricks and other curious follies, you are the architects of the main show. That is right, you are invited to become part of the line-up! This is your theatre of life, and at Hotclub de Franz, the 2020s are not just a decade; they are the roaring twenties, drawing inspiration from the exhilarating aftermath of the Great War.

Indulge in our exquisite cocktails as you witness the craziest live acts amidst our unique and eclectic interior, surrounded by a sea of impeccably dressed individuals. Here at TenClub, we’ve cultivated a community that embraces the vibrant spirit of the 1920s, ensuring each visit to Hotclub de Franz is an unforgettable adventure.

Our dress code
Sissi/Franz Joseph
Opera Star
1920s – 1930s evening attire
Weimar Republic
Fetish Chique

Please make sure to meet our dress code. You will be denied entry if you dress casually.

First Announcements

Monster Room
Classical gypsy and operetta music from the Austro-Hungarian Empire
Herr Franz (tenor & host)
Giani Lincan & Sons (cembalo, piano, violin)
and many other artists to be announced

Following his travels through the dark and mysterious forests of Romania, Carpathia and Bohemia, master of the Cembalo, Giani Lincan crossed paths with Herr Franz in Vienna not so long ago. Especially for Hotclub de Franz Giani and his sons (piano and violin) have agreed to perform with Herr Franz once again for the utter enjoyment of his honoured guests. Seamlessly blending traditional, melancholic Gypsy music with Viennese Operetta, this will be a musical spectacle not to be missed. Giani Lincan & Sons and Herr Franz will perform in the Monsterroom from 21.00- 23.00, so please come on time!

The Club
Drag & Fetish
The Countess & Vivaldi (hosts)
DJ Alice

Jung Room
Diva Room & Interbellum Cremant Piano Bar
La Dietrich
Mirabai as your brutal Mae West
Birthe Weijkamp
Tom van het Hof

The Poetry Penthouse: a miniature version of the Poetry Brothel where you go to immerse yourself in intoxicating poetry. Hosted by Simon Mulder and Andrej Kapor.

Bis Bald und Liebe Grüssen,

Herr Franz

Members: €0
Non-members: €35,00

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The program

Doors open: 20:00 hrs
Programme ends: 02:00 hrs


13th April 2024


Nes 116, Amsterdam


– 02:

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