18th September 2023

Night of the Curious ~ House of EMME

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Emanuele Aco

At the House of Emme, we experience the mental journey Emanuele went through. The different rooms in our beautiful Mayer Manor each represent a stage in Emanuele’s life, starting with his childhood years in a traditional Italian family. Looking at various key moments in his life, we get an impression of a life full of twists and turns and peculiarities. Falling into a coma after a motorbike accident is one of these key twists. What did he experience then and what insights did he gain? You will find the answer to this during this special evening about an extraordinary man.

Curious Night

One of the key pillars of TenClub, our Nights of the Curious are events built around the fascinations of our individual members. By sharing what they love most in life, our members spark the imagination of everyone present. Covering a wide range of topics, including Greek philosophy, biodiversity, motorbike tours in the desert, the history of jazz and the role of the female body in literature, these popular evenings in our Theatre of Life are supported by our skilful creative staff and never fail to inspire.

On Mondays: entrance for the curious free (do reserve your free ticket by using the buy ticket button.

Extra tickets for introducees available for € 10,00 p.p.

Onze Nights of the Curious behoren tot de belangrijkste pijlers van TenClub. Het zijn avonden, georganiseerd naar aanleiding van de fascinaties van onze individuele leden. Door het delen en uitdiepen van passies, prikkelen onze leden de verbeelding van de andere aanwezigen. Deze avonden – die tot stand komen met behulp van ons professionele creatieve team – bestrijken een breed scala aan onderwerpen, waaronder Griekse filosofie, biodiversiteit, motortochten in de woestijn, de geschiedenis van jazz en de rol van het vrouwelijk lichaam in de literatuur. De Nights of the Curious zijn exclusief toegankelijk voor leden.

Op maandagen: entree voor leden gratis (reserveer wel je gratis ticket met de buy ticket knop).

Extra tickets voor introducees zijn beschikbaar voor € 10,00 p.p.


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This is a members only event.
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This is a members only event. Please login as a member to get tickets.

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Deuren open 18.30

Start programma 20.00


18th September 2023


Mayer Manor


– 23:

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