2nd December 2023

Hotclub de Franz ~ POSTPONED

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Our apologies for the inconvenience, this even for 2nd of December will be POSTPONED.


With a hot first season behind us, it is great to see that Hotclub de Franz has quickly become what it intends to be: a parallel world where you can all be your exuberant selves. It is the place where you, sehr geehrte Damen und Herren and all in between and outside and whatever you like to call yourselves, are always invited to perform in whatever way you see fit. We have established a very nice core of creative people who Herr Franz likes to affectionately call his Birds of Paradise in their Cage aux Folles. 

From dirty cabaret, to sweet singing and from weird tricks to other strange follies: You are the creators of the main show. You are the star in your own theatre of life as we like to call it here at TenClub. At Hotclub de Franz, the 2020s aren’t the boring but the roaring twenties as we take our inspiration from the restless decade just after the Great War. Sip our fine cocktails while you watch the craziest live-acts in our unique and eclectic interior, surrounded by the most wonderfully dressed people.

Please remember that we have a strict dress code which means that nothing is crazy enough and if your wardrobe is only small, just be creative or at least wear your tuxedo or gala dress. 

Bis Bald und Liebe Grüssen,

Herr Franz

Tickets: €35,00.  Tickets for the Curious are included in the membership (please reserve your ticket by using the buy ticket button).

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The program

Doors open: 20:00 hrs
Programme ends: 02:00 hrs


2nd December 2023


Nes 116, Amsterdam


– 02:

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