21st January 2024

House of Love ~ Seks als pad naar extase – SOLD OUT

House of love 21 januari

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Please note that this event is in Dutch.

Have you always had a feeling that sex is much more than a set of acts including sucking, fucking, eating, fingering and jerking off? Then this workshop will be like a breath of fresh air for you. You will discover that sex is one of the ancient paths to experience enlightenment, a long-lasting state of bliss. You will also feel how your body is made to transform sexual energy and how you can practice transformational sexuality on your own and with a partner. 

Before lunch, we’ll go through the theory and after lunch we will start feeling and experiencing.

During the workshop you will:

  • Understand how sex is one of the ancient paths to enlightenment; how do you transform sex to love?
  • Learn to recognise and feel how sexual energy moves inside your body and how to direct it
  • Experience how your body is a transformation entity where you use the power of sexual energy to turn lust into love and love into light
  • Explore in a safe setting where clothes stay on, how to grow through love, intimacy and sex.
  • Not to mention a delicious lunch and a day in Amsterdam’s most intimate theatre!

‘This workshop opened up a whole world for me. I always felt that sex was about much more than a simple act, but that sex is a path to experience enlightenment, I hadn’t thought possible. That alone feels ecstatic!’ (Anonymous participant)


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Start 11:00 uur
Einde 16:30 uur


21st January 2024


Nes 116, Amsterdam


– 16:

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