22nd June 2024

The Poetry Brothel: A Midsummer Madhouse

The Poetry Brothel: A Midsummer Madhouse

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Sunlight is seeping into the night, the air is dense with the sounds and aromas of all things ripe and blooming and we all go a little wacky in the heat. What better way to soak it all up and completely indulge, than to attend the intimate confines of the Poetry Brothel? Come join us at TenClub’s Maison des Curiosités for a special edition of this notorious, now-legendary event where musicians, dancers and illusionists mingle and perform, but poetry holds centre stage, and poets are available for discreet appointments. For this edition, we have invited a gorgeous gang of performers, many of whom have never performed in Amsterdam before.


Circe Delacroix 

Circe is a 3,000 year old sorceress. She was born on an Aegean island and raised by a cult that taught her the secrets of alchemy, divination, and immortality. But the wine dark sea became tiresome and she broke out to explore, eventually settling with the sensual and wild Basque French and then following them as they left the mountains, crossed the Atlantic, and found refuge in the marshy wilderness that would become Louisiana. Circe’s ancient magic unites the violent and sexual, the spiritual and the profane.

Pauline Marie-Antionette

French poet Pauline Marie-Antionette explores intimacy and kinks in her unique works of erotic poetry that often come with an invitation for subtle interactions. Pauline opens a space of vulnerability and invites you to travel into a poetic world of dreams and desires. Exploring a variety of themes including self-love, consent, open love, kinky fantasies, BDSM and the challenges of aging gracefully, Pauline’s performances are as versatile as they come. Revive your imagination and indulge in a creative tapestry of verses where we transcend taboos and unveil hidden fantasies.

Knot So

Knot So is an art duo of two women (Eileen and Monika) who use the art of Japanese Bondage (also called shibari or kinbaku) to express themselves. Rope is their tool for exploring themes of sadomasochism, power exchange, surrender, trust and connection. In their performances, they expose the audiences to emotions and states of mind that are usually kept private or even completely denied. Knot So represents different cultures, different nationalities, different gender expressions and different generations. Don’t miss Knot So’s stunning performance if you value openness, vulnerability and acceptance…

Kiwi Talks too Much

Kiwi is a queer poet, philosopher and activist from Amsterdam. Last year Kiwi travelled to perform poetry all over Europe. They often explore relationships, gender and politics. Brace yourself for a private reading that can be hard hitting, emotional, a little cynical, but always honest and punk.

Derck Hecan

Call him the Angelo Badalamenti of The Poetry Brothel if you will. Composer and performing artist Derck Hecan wrote the soundtrack for The Midnight Madhouse, which he will deliver in the foyer of the Maison des Curiosités on TenClub’s original 1892 Érard Grand Piano. Look forward to an unforgettable performance that is jazz-tinged, theatrical and downright life enhancing. 

Safa Mirror. Safa explores Middle-Eastern Mystical traditions and Western Esoteric practices, the mystical Persian poetry of Rumi and Hafez and the divinatory art of Tarot.


Wear your finest, or your freakiest! Suit up with diamonds and pearls or dress down in your most intimate and naughty. From oriental opium eater to decadent drinker or Beat Generation hard-boiled underground dope head. No in-between, no casuals.


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22nd June 2024


Nes 120, Amsterdam


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