25th November 2023

Poetry Brothel: The Poetics of Intoxication

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The Poetry Brothel is an immersive literary cabaret club night where jazz musicians, burlesque dancers, tarot readers and other vagabonds mingle and perform, while poetry holds centre stage. Poets are available for private readings.

In this edition, we will explore the visionary depths of madness brought to us by the systematically deranged. From Baudelaire to Burroughs, literary figures have often relied on a certain form of poison to inspire their creative methods. Rimbaud – often in a single poem – would both crave and condemn the effects of liquor, drugs or transcendental beliefs. Journeying through the realms of the occult, the psychedelic and their influence on the works of Byron, Yeats, Burroughs, Thompson and others, our visiting poets will confront us with works produced in an altered state of consciousness.

Confirmed artists performing during the next Poetry Brothel are:

Andrej Kapor as Poetry Pimp Daddy. Your host extraordinaire has worn many guises at Poetry Brothels around the world.

Simon Mulder & the Absinthe Bar. In the time it takes to prepare an absinthe, the mixologist will recite you a sonnet. 

Gabriel Moreno & Quivering Poets — a Gibraltarian singer-songwriter based in London, Gabriel combines a Latin exuberance and passion with a rare lyrical calibre.

Safa Mirror. Safa explores Middle-Eastern Mystical traditions and Western Esoteric practices, the mystical Persian poetry of Rumi and Hafez and the divinatory art of Tarot.

Raluna Mystic. A shape-shifting performer. Her background in belly dance, burlesque, flow arts and pole dance brings a mystical, graceful and feminine vibe.

Camy Huot. French performance artist, DJ and producer, Camy gravitates towards the obscure tones and artificial beats of minimal wave and synth punk.


Wear your finest, or your freakiest! Suit up with diamonds and pearls or dress down in your most intimate and naughty. From oriental opium eater to decadent absinthe drinker or Beat Generation hard-boiled underground dope head. No in-between, no casuals.





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19:00 Doors open
20:00 Start program


25th November 2023


Nes 116, Amsterdam


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