26th February 2024

Night of the Curious – The Divided States of America with Charles Groenhuijsen

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Tonight, TenClub member and USA expert Charles Groenhuijsen will educate us all on the upcoming presidential elections. Not only will the voters decide whether they’ll have Donald Trump or Joe Biden for president, they’ll also tell us what kind of America we are heading for. Republicans long back to the days when America was predominantly white, heterosexual and religious. The Democrats want the opposite: more tolerance, more diversity and self-determination.

There is also a huge gap in the ways the two parties think about foreign policy. Donald Trump supporters want an inward-looking country, perhaps even without NATO. Joe Biden, on the other hand, wants a continued international role for the United States.

The differences between the two parties could not be bigger.

Come along because the stakes are high for us too!

Charles Groenhuijsen is the author of over ten books on the United States.
This evening is in English.

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26th February 2024


Mayer Manor


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