3rd October 2022

Curious Night ~ I wonder what it’s like…to be fat

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Once upon a time, fat women were venerated as goddesses. Today, fat people are shamed into getting “healthy”. 

But what is it actually like to be a fat person in today’s society?

Most people have experienced the fear of being fat: “I should go to the gym this week, or else…”; “No dessert tonight, I’ve had one on Monday, I shouldn’t exaggerate…or else…” but actually, have you ever wondered just one moment, what it is really like to be fat?

What does it mean in real life? 

Far from the Hollywood stereotypes and from irrational fears, on Monday 3 October at TenClub, you will get a full testimony, a personal story about fatness, and you will be able to see, live, understand and even feel what it is really like… to be a fat person, and maybe for a moment, you’ll embrace the ultimate original goddess. 

Get ready for a rollercoaster, get ready for a story you’ve never heard before. The story of Celine’s life journey to unapologetic self acceptance. 

This is going to be one FAT evening, make sure to be there. 

Op maandagen: entree voor leden gratis (reserveer wel je gratis ticket met de buy ticket knop). Extra tickets voor introducees zijn beschikbaar  voor € 10,00 p.p.

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This is a members only event. Please login as a member to get tickets.

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3rd October 2022


Mayer Manor


– 23:

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