7th December 2023

The Érard Grand Piano Series: Daria van den Bercken

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The Érard Grand Piano Series: Daria van den Bercken’s ‘Human: Nature, An Imaginary Suite’

Episode 3 ~ Season 2

About the Érard Grand Piano Series

TenClub invites master pianists who specialise in historical pianos to curate their own program for the Érard Grand Piano Series and to perform their music of choice in the unique and intimate atmosphere of our fin-de-siècle salon at Nes 120. Internationally acclaimed pianists such as Artem Belogurov, Vivianne Cheng and Ksenia Kouzmenko have performed during the first season, which started in the fall of 2022 and ended last June. We are very excited to present a brand new season with rarely or never before heard programs by Henry Kelder, Martin Oei, Daria van den Bercken, Nicolas van Poucke, Klára Würtz, Evelina Vorontsova and Bart van Oort, all of whom have created a program specifically for TenClub’s very own 1892 Érard Grand piano. 

TenClub wouldn’t be TenClub if we wouldn’t always start with a poetic introduction to the program. 

Curious, music minded people of Amsterdam and beyond, we are looking forward to enjoying an entirely new string of Érard Grand Piano concerts with you in ‘23/’24!

Also look out for the new Érard Student Series, starting this season. These concerts will be given by conservatory students and will take place in the building next to the Mayer Manor, at Nes 120.

About the Érard
The sound of this 1892 Érard at TenClub, restored with great precision and love, is original and unparalleled. The music as Henry Kelder will play it on the Érard is as the composers once intended it to be played. After all, not only were the ‘timeless’ pieces created on the instrument, but all the greats of classical music actually also played on an Érard grand piano: Chopin, Mendelssohn, Verdi, Liszt, Ravel, Fauré, Wagner, Debussy and Diepenbrock, to name but a few.

About Daria van den Bercken 

In recent years, pianist Daria van den Bercken has become a much sought-after soloist at home and abroad. She studied at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music and at the Conservatory of Amsterdam under the supervision of Mila Baslawskaja and Naum Grubert. In 2006 and 2008, she won the Dutch Classical Talent Award and in 2012 the prestigious Amsterdam Art Prize. Daria plays the entire spectrum of the piano repertoire, as a soloist in international concert halls, at major festivals and in the field of chamber music. Her passion is to reach and entice as many people as possible; both classical music lovers and new audiences. In 2016, she founded the Keys to Music Foundation through which she reaches new audiences for classical music through artistic and educational projects. The latest project is the Piano Biennale, an international festival in the Netherlands whose second edition took place in Arnhem and Nijmegen in April 2023. It is the first piano festival worldwide in which various art forms collaborate in unique productions with the piano at its core.

About Daria van den Bercken’s program ‘Human: Nature, An Imaginary Suite’

Nature has long been a great source of inspiration for artists; from painters to composers. Through their eyes we see and experience nature in a deeply human and sometimes precisely allegorical way. And that is valuable, because over the years the process of urbanisation has drifted us further and further away from nature. The artistic imagination possesses the power to bring us closer to earth again. This concert is about how nature has inspired composers and it is woven together as a continuous suite, concluding with ‘Vallée d’Obermann’. This piece is the ultimate tone poem in which the main character Obermann asks himself “What do I expect from nature?”.

The full program:

Schubert (1797-1828)

Impromptu D899 nr 1 in c-minor

Rachmaninov (1873-1943)

Lilacs op. 25 nr.1

Debussy (1862-1918)

Feuilles Mortes – nr. 2 from Préludes book 2

Liszt (1811-1886)

Concertetude “Waldesrauschen”


Bruyeres – nr.5 from Préludes book 2

Reflets dans l’eau – nr.1 uit Images, Premier Livre

Couperin (1668-1733)

Les Lys Naissans – 13e Ordre, 3e livre

Les Roseaux – 13e Ordre, 3e livre


Sonnetto 123 del Petrarca 123

Vallée d’Obermann

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The program

Doors open: 19:00 hrs
Start program: 20:00 hrs
End of concert: 22:00 hrs


7th December 2023


Nes 116, Amsterdam


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