9th November 2022

House of Meditation + Cinéma Extraordinaire

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During this special evening you will be taken away in a beautiful meditation from 19.00-20.00h under the guidance of Marcel Bovijn, accompanied on handpan by Tomas Mazoes. Then at 20.00h we will have a showing of our Cinéma Extraordinaire series, in our cozy cinema setting.

The films we show in our Cinéma Extraordinaire series are a surprise; all we can tell you is that the films our programmer Michel curates, easily disregard the fine line between fiction and fact, dream and reality, if ever there was one. Be prepared for some immersive, thought-provoking dazzletainment… so come satisfy your body, mind and soul!

About Marcel Bovijn

Marcel is a mindfulness and breath-work facilitator who alternates circular breathing, mindfulness, loving-kindness, and movement meditation with modern techniques and insights from cognitive science.

He is also a certified somatic therapy facilitator using the BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System (BBTRS)®. BBTRS supports individuals struggling with their emotions to increase their connection to their body and environment; so that they feel more empowered, safe and fulfilled with a greater purpose.

His interests also lie in metaphysics and the practice of making sense and meaning, generating wisdom, building spiritual communities and letting go of trauma.”

Tickets for the evening are free for the Curious. Tickets for non-members can be purchased for €10,- (being membership for a day)

You are welcome to then join both the meditation session at 19.00 and the cinema session at 20.00 consecutively, or just one of them, as you wish…

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The program

Start meditation: 19.00 hrs
Start cinema: 20.00 hrs


9th November 2022


Nes 116, Amsterdam


– 20:

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