14th June 2024

Culture Cocktail Theatre | 14-06

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Culture Cocktail: 14-06

We are happy to announce that our Culture Cocktail program at Nes 120 – also known as the Maison des Curiosités –  is now open every Friday, Saturday. Come see us tonight – sip on the very best drinks – and witness how our Theatre of Life comes to life!

Line-up: Our love is History & Paradise Express by Mr. Steve Malenka 

Tonight, join DJ Mr. Steve Malenka as he embarks on a mesmerizing journey through the evolution of dance music from the 1970s to the present day. In his captivating presentation, ‘Our Love is History,’ Malenka will illuminate the profound impact of these musical eras on Amsterdam’s vibrant dance floor culture. Through curated snippets, he will guide you through the pulsating rhythms and iconic beats that have defined major dance floors of the past like D.O.K., Wells Fargo, Steps, the WEB, Paradiso, Mirandabad, Resurrection in Odeon, Supperclub, Life at More, Fantasy Island, Paradise Express, Love Dance, private parties, weddings, Bijenkorf, Milkshake, and so on. Immerse yourself in an evening of auditory nostalgia and cultural exploration, as we delve into the heart of Amsterdam’s storied nightlife.

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The program

Doors open: 17:00 hrs
Start Program Culture Cocktail: 19:00 hrs
Programme ends Culture Cocktail: 23:00 hrs


14th June 2024


Nes 120, Amsterdam


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