20th November 2021

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TenClub is an Amsterdam Society dedicated to curiosity, authenticity, deepening, fascinations in all forms and types, gathering and co-creation. Inspired by the nineteenth-century Salon des Variétés: a theater of life, born from the pursuit of freedom, equality and brotherhood. We explore humanity, without judgement.

The great part is that you can become a TenClub member and that is what we would like to invite you to do. To be curious, to explore. To not only marvel at beauty, but become part of it. Surround yourself with people that are not only fascinating, but fascinated to get to know you. To find out what drives you.

Thursday the 20th of august we will organize an information evening where we tell you all about our philosophy, what we have to offer and what we expect from our members. For TenClub is a give-to-give society.

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The program

Doors open: 18:30
Start Program: 19:00
Afterdrinks: 20:00


20th November 2021


Mayer Manor


– 23:

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