29th December 2022

House of Diva’s ~ The very serious side of singing

What goes on right before singers go on stage? How do they prepare?
What people are working behind the scenes to let the singers shine?
This evening you will get a glimpse on the backstage before attending the actual opera concert! Dress to impress premiere style.
With great Diva’s such as Marcel Beekman (Haute contre), Lisa Mostin (Soprano) and Morschi Franz (very dramatic Tenor). You will see and encounter a concert like never before!
They will sing, Wagner, Rameau, Mozart, and Verdi.


Tickets for The Curious €15. Tickets for non-members €25,-

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The program

Doors open: 19:00 hrs
Start concert: 20:00 hrs
End concert: 22:00 hrs


29th December 2022


Nes 116, Amsterdam


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