14th March 2024

House of Magic

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TenClub proudly presents House of Magic – The Time Travelers Edition

One night. Four acts of magic. Directed by master magicians Marco Grandia and Tim de Vos. Join us for a chronology juggling experience where the future becomes the past, where up is down and down is up. Dimensions aren’t what they used to be once you’ve entered the premises, but don’t blame it on us because that’s what you’ve signed up for.

The brothers Timothy and Jonathan Wells, Poal Hardcastle, Andrew Melia and David Globe met lightyears ago, in an off the beaten track tavern at the end of the universe, just a few centimeters away from where you’re sitting now. They instantly knew that their friendship would be forever and that they had only one collective desire: to educate unknowing earthlings about the unlikely possibilities of time travel. So they decided to form a nomadic society: the Colney Chrono Circus. The first stop on their 2024 world tour: TenClub, the infamous society for the Curious.

Time travel is a very adventurous business. So strap up your boots, tighten your suspenders, bring a bar of soap and let the Colney Chrono Circus take you for a ride!

The Wells Brothers 

Careful with these brothers. You may not like door vendors, but these two time machine sales representatives are hard to resist. They’ve traveled oceans of time, going from cosmic door to door. Buy their expertly built time machine. *usage of this apparatus comes with side effects, use at your own risk.

Poal Hardcastle 

One of the world’s biggest names in metaphysical gibberish is a force to be reckoned with. Honest education is at the heart of everything this wizard from another galaxy tells you. Get ready for some Einstein-style blackboard science. Having traveled from the year 2030 to share his intelligence with you, this feverish maverick is hard to beat.

Andrew Melia

When Andrew Melia was only a little boy, he was hit by lightning while playing in his great-aunt’s backyard in the West Midlands, Northern England. The incident greatly altered his mental capabilities. But good things came out of it too. Ever since, his intuition and extra sensory reception is far beyond coincidence. Carefully hide behind someone in the audience if you don’t want to know what will become of you….

David Globe 

Psychotic genius David Globe miraculously takes you back to other people’s memories. The little bastard crawls into your ear, from where he effortlessly dives into your brain. Once settled in, he just keeps on twiddling those little knobs until your perception of whoever’s past you seem to remember is quite literally all over the place. 

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Non-members: €35

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The program

March 14th

Doors open: 19:00 hrs
Start of program: 20:00 hrs
End of program: 00:00 hrs


14th March 2024


Nes 116


– 23:

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