14th April 2022

TenClub Café – From Kyiv to Moscow to Amsterdam with Love

Event details

At TenClub, the audience of mixed nations, Dutch, Russians, Ukrainians, will be unified in a cultural evening. The experience of this event will help heal the cracks that are dividing people these days.
An evening where individual stories meet, Ukrainian and Russian artists get-together and share their music and stories. Up close and personal. The event will show that culture – getting together in music, performance and arts – connects and has no nationality. A unifying club event like this is unique and is creating peace and union between individual people.
Expect personal stories, music and video installations by great Ukrainian and Russian artists. Songs by soprano Anna Azernikova, violin by Anastasia Kozlova, piano by Olga Pashchenko, violin by Anna Antipova with Kasper Schonewille on the grand piano, video art by Viktoria Kova, and an improv workshop by Olga Mitrofanova. The evening will be hosted by Viola Winokan.
All TenClub Café nights are accompanied by a DJ, at this event enjoy the sounds of DJ Rodger Mettenday.

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The program

Doors open at 19:00
Start event: 20:00


14th April 2022


TenClub, Nes 116, Amsterdam


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