9th December 2023

Vivaldi’s Manor

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Vivaldi’s Manor 

Brace yourself for what is set to be 2023’s grandest adventure in classical music: an evening of live interpretations of the very best works by Antonio Vivaldi, performed by a line-up of some of the most gifted musicians in the country. 

But that is not all…

Set in three incredible buildings at Nes – Amsterdam’s very first nightlife hub – Vivaldi’s Manor is an immersive night out, rather than a classical music concert as you know it.

Breaking away from the dreadful dustiness of the traditional classical music settings of the 21st, TenClub not only takes you back to the wild turn of the century salons; we are kicking it up a notch…

With over 30 artists performing in 13 rooms, you are invited to enter the Venice of Vivaldi and his artful contemporaries. Expect not only the most delightful music, but also exquisite food, outrageous acts, enchanting courtesans & lovely provocations. 


Come as a 18th century rock star, enfant terrible, ladylike salon lady, vintage call girl, hoodlum or worse. Please avoid cliches and let your imagination roam freely. Show us and everyone else the very best of your hedonistic self.

Doors open: 19.30

Start show: 20.00

No entry after 20.30

Tickets: €50 (non-members). €37.50 (the Curious).


Marta Atcher, violin
Daniel Blok, recorder + drone organ
Arturo Den Hartog, counter tenor
Mike Fentross, lute
Eura Fortuny, viola and violin
Morschi Franz, tenor
Fatima Hernandez, violin
Henry Kelder, piano
Jonas Krebs, violin
Claron McFadden, soprano
Adriana Mendez, cello
Isabel Negrin, harpsichord
Laurène Patard-Moreau, violin
Gaia Szames, soprano
Laia Terré, cello
Bas van Lier Trio
Emanuele Wiltsch Barberio, soundscapes
Liga Zirina, soprano

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The program

Doors open: 19:30 hrs
Start program: 20:00 hrs
No entry after: 20.30 hrs
End of concerts: 02:00 hrs


9th December 2023


Nes 116, Amsterdam


– 02:

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